BMP Services

As part of the efforts to preserve Lake Tahoe water clarity for future generations, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) requires all developed properties to install Best Management Practices (BMP’s) which help improve the water quality by reducing soil erosion and capturing polluted water before it enters Lake Tahoe.

Reliable Services supports the efforts of the TRPA and is a TRPA Certified and Licensed contractor able to properly perform the implementation of Best Management Practices.  Our goal is to perform the BMPs in the most cost efficient manner and still guarantee that the project will be approved by the TRPA.   Our staff is certified yearly in BMPs and we work closely with the TRPA to apply innovative ideas and concepts to make the project not only affordable but aesthetically pleasing to the home owner.

To properly perform the BMPs we utilize the following methods:

  • Drip Line Infiltration Trenches
  • Conveyance Swales
  • Infiltration Systems
  • Infiltrations Basins
  • Subsurface Conveyance Systems
  • Rock Slope Protection
  • Sediment Traps
  • Slotted Drains

Reliable Services provides a guarantee of approval of our BMP work by the TRPA.  We also update and maintain BMPs for property owners as required.

For more information on the requirements regarding BMPs please visit