Reliable Services started serving Lake Tahoe in 1996 specializing in second home care services.  We understand the value of peace of mind for your home when you are not there and we feel honored that we have earned the trust of so many homeowners in the Tahoe area.  We look forward to serving you with hard work and integrity.  We provide complete caretaking services that include weekly house checks customized to your specific needs. 
Our house checks include but are not limited to the following:

  • Check Pipes and Run Water
  • Inspect for Water Leaks
  • Exterior Property Inspection
  • Doors and Windows are Secure
  • Thermostats Set Properly
  • Appliances are Turned Off
  • Trash & Perishables Removed
  • Animal Damage or Droppings
  • Snow Load on Roofs and Decks
  • Light Bulbs
  • Packages at the Front Door or Door Hangers to Remove
  • Trash Cans Secured
  • Spa Inspections
  • Repairs Needed
  • House preparation prior to arrival

In the event of emergency, we have on staff trained professionals and contacts to stabilize any problem we may encounter to help reduce potential damages to the property.

Our services also include opening the home for contractors, delivery companies or others as required by the home owner, putting out trash or taking in garbage cans as requested, being the local contact for alarm companies and much, much more.

Call us and we will help you prepare a free customized plan to meet you and your Tahoe property home needs.