Seal Coat & Paving

Reliable Services is now fully Licensed and Insured to perform all of your Seal Coat and Paving needs!

Fall is just around the corner and if you have a driveway or walkways that are cracked and shedding gravel, Give Reliable Services a call.

Benefits of Routine Sealing-

  1. Appearance-  Resealing your paved surfaces is one of the fastest and lowest cost ways to improve the appearance of your home
  2. Maintenance Savings-  Resealing your paved surfaces every two or three years will prevent you from having to replace your entire paved driveway/walkway surfaces
  3. Easier Snow Removal- Having a nice smooth surface on your paved areas will make it much quicker and safer to clear snow in the winter.  Snow blowers also blow gravel if your driveway is cracked and shedding gravel
  4. Quick/Easy/Cost Effective-  Give us a call to schedule your free quote.  We can generally get you your quote within 48 hours!

Please call us at your convenience to schedule a Free- No Obligation quote !